Carpet Cleaning Services

Coastal Carpet Cleaning has more than nine years of experience helping residential and commercial clients with their carpet cleaning needs. We offer regular and one-off services for residents, real estate companies, strata management and other commercial properties.
Trying to clean your carpet can be a real struggle. For tenants, it is important to ensure the carpet in the home you’re renting is maintained so it keeps its original condition and undergoes a professional clean at the end of the tenancy.

Carpets – in both residential and commercial settings – could smell or look dirty and unappealing if they are not professionally cleaned. With many years of experience behind us and our high-quality, specialised equipment, Coastal Carpet Cleaning can offer you a thorough clean that you aren’t necessarily able to get with inferior carpet cleaning equipment.

We use a fast-drying, steam cleaning technique so that you can get the results that you want without having to deal with having to stay away from your home or workplace while the carpets dry. Not only do we remove the dirt from your carpet that you can see, but we also remove dirt that is deep within your carpet.

When we use our top of the line equipment coupled with our non-toxic chemicals, we can provide a more comprehensive and hygienic clean that you get when you use your vacuum and other cleaning equipment. If you’re at the end of your lease and doing everything you can to get your deposit back, we can help you get the result you need.

If you’re staying in your property, but you want a refresh and want to keep it clean and fresh, we offer maintenance services that ensure you never have to worry about dirty carpets again. Get in touch today to find out what we can do for you.
Clean Carpet — Carpet Cleaning in Lake Cathie, NSW


If your rug has seen better days, talk to Coastal Carpet Cleaning! We are certified in Oriental and Persian rug cleaning. Using the best equipment in the business, our team will remove gathered dirt, dust, grease and grime from your rug, leaving it looking fresh and good as new.
Designer Rug Cleaning — Carpet Cleaning in Lake Cathie, NSW